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Power Connector


Looking for power consumption information or specs for the DC in connector?

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The Ten64 board has an eight-pin, 3.0mm pitch "MiniFit"-style power connector that supports both DC (e.g from a plugpack) and ATX power supplies (with 5VSB and power on/off) via an adaptor. Power Connector - P2

Connector pinout

(Front of connector) Net Net (Back of connector)
+12V GND
(TAB) +12V GND

ATX adaptor schematic

An ATX power supply adaptor is available in our 'Mini-ITX' kit (sold separately from the appliance).

Assembled ATX adaptor cable


Ten64 only draws power from the +12V rail. Older ATX power supplies might shutdown soon after boot, when little or no power is drawn from their +5V or +3V3 rails.

On some datasheets this is indicated as 'Zero minimum load on 3.3 V rail' support or similar.

If 5VSB is present, the onboard microcontroller will go into ATX mode and assert PWR_ON once PWR_GOOD is indicated by the supply. If a power down command is issued by the software, the microcontroller will deassert PWR_ON to effect a shutdown.

Link to schematic

Net ATX Pin TEN64 Pin Wire Color
12V1_10 10 5 0
12V1_11 11 6 0
5VSB 9 7 0
PWR_ON 16 8 0
PWR_GOOD 8 3 0
COM7 7 1 0
COM17 17 2 0
COM24 24 4 0

Note: This is not the same as the ATX12VO connector, which is a larger, 4.2mm-pitch connector and uses 12V instead of 5V for standby. Nonetheless, an adaptor may be provided for ATX12VO in the future.