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DPAA2 restool

restool is a utility for manipulating the DPAA2 dataplane configuration at runtime.

Uses of restool include:

  • Creating new network interfaces (DPNIs)
  • Viewing Ethernet MAC (DPMAC statistics)
  • Creating new DPRC containers to contain DPAA2 objects
  • Unlinking/removing existing DPAA2 objects from the current DPRC

Wrappers and utilities

Some tasks, like creating a network interface, need multiple steps to complete. Supporting objects like buffers and portals also need to be setup (see "resource object dependencies"). It is best to use a wrapper utility to interact with restool.

Restool built-in wrappers

  • ls-listni - List DPNIs and their corresponding Linux interface name
  • ls-listmac - List DPMACs
  • ls-addmux - Create DPDMUX/data center bridge
  • ls-addsw - Create a switch object (not applicable to LS1088)

Third-party wrappers

  • The dpdk-extras repository from NXP contains and other helper scripts
  • dpaa2.lua library from ╬╝Virt.


Restool is supported in mainline kernels from 5.12 onwards. We have also backported it to 5.10.x with this patchset.

To use restool, the kernel must have the CONFIG_FSL_MC_UAPI_SUPPORT=y option set.

The restool source repository can be found at

Please be aware there are some compatibility issues between restool and MC firmware versions. A recent restool version (v2.3 or later) should be used for MC >=10.28.

Usage Examples

Show drpc contents

# restool dprc list
restool dprc show dprc.1
dprc.1 contains 157 objects:
object          label           plugged-state
dpni.10                         plugged
dpni.0                          plugged
dpbp.10                         plugged
dpbp.0                          plugged
dpmac.10                        plugged
dpmac.1                         plugged
dpseci.0                        plugged
dpmcp.35                        plugged
dpmcp.1                         plugged
dpio.8                          plugged
dpio.1                          plugged
dpcon.80                        plugged
dpcon.0                         plugged

Creating a DPRC with passed-through DPNI's

Using restool -s activates "script" mode which only returns the IDs of the created objects.

DPRC=$(restool -s dprc create dprc.1 --label="child VM dprc" \

DPNI=$(restool -s dpni create --container="${DPRC}")

restool dprc connect dprc.1 --endpoint1="${DPMAC}" --endpoint2="${DPNI}"
restool dprc assign "${DPRC}" --object="${DPNI}" --plugged=1

DPBP=$(restool -s dpbp create --container="${DPRC}")
restool dprc assign "${DPRC}" --object="${DPBP}" --plugged=1
DPCI=$(restool -s dpci create --container="${DPRC}")
restool dprc assign "${DPRC}" --object="${DPCI}" --plugged=1

for i in $(seq 1 2); do
        THIS_DPMCP=$(restool -s dpmcp create --container="${DPRC}")
        restool dprc assign "${DPRC}" --object="${THIS_DPMCP}" --plugged=1
for i in $(seq 1 2); do
        THIS_DPCON=$(restool -s dpcon create --container="${DPRC}" --num-priorities=2)
        restool dprc assign "${DPRC}" --object="${THIS_DPCON}" --plugged=1
DPIO=$(restool -s dpio create --container="${DPRC}" --num-priorities=2)
restool dprc assign "${DPRC}" --object="${DPIO}" --plugged=1

restool dprc show "${DPRC}"


root@OpenWrt:/# ls-listni
dprc.1/dpni.9 (interface: eth0, end point: dpmac.7)
dprc.1/dpni.8 (interface: eth1, end point: dpmac.8)
dprc.1/dpni.7 (interface: eth2, end point: dpmac.9)
dprc.1/dpni.6 (interface: eth3, end point: dpmac.10)
dprc.1/dpni.5 (interface: eth4, end point: dpmac.3)
dprc.1/dpni.4 (interface: eth5, end point: dpmac.4)
dprc.1/dpni.3 (interface: eth6, end point: dpmac.5)
dprc.1/dpni.2 (interface: eth7, end point: dpmac.6)
dprc.1/dpni.1 (interface: eth8, end point: dpmac.2)
dprc.1/dpni.0 (interface: eth9, end point: dpmac.1)


root@OpenWrt:/# ls-listmac
dprc.1/dpmac.10 (end point: dpni.6)
dprc.1/dpmac.9 (end point: dpni.7)
dprc.1/dpmac.8 (end point: dpni.8)
dprc.1/dpmac.7 (end point: dpni.9)
dprc.1/dpmac.6 (end point: dpni.2)
dprc.1/dpmac.5 (end point: dpni.3)
dprc.1/dpmac.4 (end point: dpni.4)
dprc.1/dpmac.3 (end point: dpni.5)
dprc.1/dpmac.2 (end point: dpni.1)
dprc.1/dpmac.1 (end point: dpni.0)

Creating a DPNI

Note: This assumes you have DPNIs available to create - if you are using the default DPL - they are all allocated already.

root@OpenWrt:/# ls-addni --fs-entries=1 dpmac.2
[   49.653234] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.1: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.750369] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.1: Probed interface eth1
[   49.755887] fsl_mc_allocator dpbp.10: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.763027] fsl_mc_allocator dpmcp.35: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.769303] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.80: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.773669] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.1 eth1: Link Event: state up
[   49.774154] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.1 eth1: Link Event: state up
[   49.775300] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.79: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.792405] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.78: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.798420] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.77: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.804394] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.76: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.810356] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.75: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.816410] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.74: Adding to iommu group 1
[   49.822431] fsl_mc_allocator dpcon.73: Adding to iommu group 1
Created interface: eth1 (object:dpni.1, endpoint: dpmac.2)
root@OpenWrt:/# ls-listni
dprc.1/dpni.1 (interface: eth1, end point: dpmac.2)
dprc.1/dpni.0 (interface: eth0, end point: dpmac.7)

Removing a DPNI / unbinding from Linux

Removing a DPNI by itself can be difficult because the DPNI has associated resources (dpcon's, dpbp, dpmcp's as seen above). It is easier to destroy the entire container - NXP's own scripts do exactly that.

If the DPNI is consumed by a Linux ethernet device, you will need to unbind first:

root@OpenWrt:/# ls-listni
dprc.1/dpni.1 (interface: eth1, end point: dpmac.2)
dprc.1/dpni.0 (interface: eth0, end point: dpmac.7)
root@OpenWrt:/# echo 'dpni.1' > /sys/bus/fsl-mc/drivers/fsl_dpaa2_eth/unbind
[  315.294020] fsl_dpaa2_eth dpni.1 eth1: Link Event: state down
root@OpenWrt:/# ifconfig eth1
ifconfig: eth1: error fetching interface information: Device not found
root@OpenWrt:/# restool dpni destroy dpni.1
dpni.1 is destroyed
root@OpenWrt:/# [  325.639520] fsl-mc dpni.1: Removing from iommu group 1
root@OpenWrt:/# ls-listni
dprc.1/dpni.0 (interface: eth0, end point: dpmac.7)

Dumping the current DPL

root@OpenWrt:/# restool dprc generate-dpl
/ {
        dpl-version = <10>;
         * Containers
        containers {
                        endpoint1 = "dpni@9";
                        endpoint2 = "dpmac@7";

Viewing MAC counters

root@OpenWrt:/# restool dpmac info dpmac.5
dpmac version: 4.4
dpmac object id/portal id: 5
plugged state: plugged
endpoint state: 1
endpoint: dpni.3, link is up
DPMAC ethernet interface: DPMAC_ETH_IF_QSGMII
maximum supported rate 1000 Mbps
rx all frames: 70484
rx frames ok: 70484
rx frame errors: 0
rx frame discards: 0
rx u-cast: 70443
rx b-cast: 6
rx m-cast: 35
rx 64 bytes: 21
rx 65-127 bytes: 1033
rx 128-255 bytes: 25
rx 256-511 bytes: 6
rx 512-1023 bytes: 900
rx 1024-1518 bytes: 68499
rx 1519-max bytes: 0
rx frags: 0
rx jabber: 0
rx align errors: 0
rx oversized: 0
rx pause: 0
rx bytes: 104940085
tx frames ok: 35307
tx u-cast: 35291
tx m-cast: 13
tx b-cast: 3
tx frame errors: 0
tx undersized: 0
tx b-pause: 0
tx bytes: 2473258

Viewing DPNI counters

root@OpenWrt:/# restool dpni info dpni.3
dpni version: 7.13
dpni id: 3
plugged state: plugged
endpoint state: 1
endpoint: dpmac.5, link is up
link status: 1 - up
mac address: 00:0a:fa:24:24:31
dpni_attr.options value is: 0
num_queues: 1
num_cgs: 1
num_rx_tcs: 1
num_tx_tcs: 1
mac_entries: 16
vlan_entries: 0
qos_entries: 0
fs_entries: 1
qos_key_size: 0
fs_key_size: 56
ingress_all_frames: 70454
ingress_all_bytes: 104656040
ingress_multicast_frames: 3
ingress_multicast_bytes: 240
ingress_broadcast_frames: 8
ingress_broadcast_bytes: 706
egress_all_frames: 35307
egress_all_bytes: 2332012
egress_multicast_frames: 13
egress_multicast_bytes: 1513
egress_broadcast_frames: 3
egress_broadcast_bytes: 1032
ingress_filtered_frames: 189
ingress_discarded_frames: 0
ingress_nobuffer_discards: 0
egress_discarded_frames: 0
egress_confirmed_frames: 35307