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Major features of the LS1088 implementation:

Design Parameter Value
Clock Speed Up to 1.6GHz
Manufacturing Process 28nm
Revision r0p4-00rel0
ISA Version ARMv8.0
Cores 8 (two clusters of four)
L1 ICache 32K with ECC protection
L1 DCache 32K with ECC protection
L2 Cache Size 2x1MB (1MB per per cluster) with ECC protection
L2 data RAM input latency 1 cycle
L2 data RAM output latency 2 cycles
SCU L2 cache protection Yes
SIMD (Neon) Yes
Double-Precision floating point Yes
Cryptography extension Yes
CPU cache protection Yes
Execution In-order
Virtualization Yes
Cache protection Yes
ARMv7 (32-bit backwards compatibility) Yes

Note Not all of these parameters (i.e cache sizes, latency) are the same across all Cortex-A53 implementations.

For example, an A53 cluster in the Raspberry Pi 3 has 512K of L2 cache vs 1024K on the LS1088.

The LS1088A also contains:

Hardware Block Version
GIC-500 Interrupt Controller (aka GIC-v3) r1p1-00eac0
MMU-500 Memory Management Unit r2p4-00rel0
TrustZone TZC-400
CCI-400 Cache Coherent Interconnect