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Hardware Changes

From Ten64 Rev A to Ten64 Rev B

  • Incorporation of 'wire mod' rework fixes
  • Re-allocate one PCIe 3.0 lane from SoC from MiniPCIe WiFi to M.2/B
  • Tweak layout so mounting hole for 5G cards can be on the board.
  • Add mounting hole at 42mm for M.2/M
  • SIM only position on SIM tray is now allocated to SIM1 on M.2/B, SIM2 is shared with microSD or eSIM (build time option).
  • The microSD pins on the board are now electrically isolated when the tray is in the eject position.
  • Add 4-pin fan header for CPU fan + EMC2301 PWM controller.
  • The SPI-NAND flash size was increased to 256MB (2Gbit).
  • DDR SPD and RTC moved to I2C3 bus, TPM moved to I2C1. (prevents interference by other I2C1 devices in boot + allows EFI RTC protocol implementation in the future)
  • Added a 'power button' line from the microcontroller to LS1088 which can be used for ACPI-style power button events.
  • The single 'admin' button on the rear panel was replaced with a stacked dual-LED/button combination to better accommodate enclosures without ATX front panel LEDs/buttons.