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Hardware Changes and Errata


Affected board revisions Issue Impact Workarounds Proposed Resolution
Ten64 Rev B,C RTC (Epson RX-8035) interrupt is not functional due to inversion/missing pullup Low (no effect found on any Linux distribution to date) Ensure there is no IRQ reference for the RTC in device tree This will be fixed in a future Ten64 board respin.
Ten64 Rev B,C It may not be possible to install an ATX (UNC) mounting screw for the mounting hole next to the fan connector Low Use a smaller mounting screw (e.g M3) or do not install A future Ten64 revision may reposition the fan connector, the current position was a compromise due to layout requirements

From Ten64 Rev B to Ten64 Rev C (first production version)

  • Incorporation of 'wire mod' rework fixes
  • Improve clearances around mounting holes and power connector
  • De-feature I2C4 access to M.2 cards due to this not being adhered to by some Key B modems. It can restored by adding the missing parts.
  • Add I2C control to USB Hub, to allow the USB3 lanes to be turned off when a PCIe only card (e.g SSD) is installed in Key B (fixes "cannot connect" warnings in the kernel)
  • Adjusted heights of M.2 slots to better facilitate use of 42mm cards inside the 52mm/80mm footprints.
  • The microcontroller (LPC804) was redeveloped between RevB and RevC to fix I2C interoperability issues with U-Boot

From Ten64 Rev A to Ten64 Rev B

  • Incorporation of 'wire mod' rework fixes
  • Re-allocate one PCIe 3.0 lane from SoC from MiniPCIe WiFi to M.2/B
  • Tweak layout so mounting hole for 5G cards can be on the board.
  • Add mounting hole at 42mm for M.2/M
  • SIM only position on SIM tray is now allocated to SIM1 on M.2/B, SIM2 is shared with microSD or eSIM (build time option).
  • The microSD pins on the board are now electrically isolated when the tray is in the eject position.
  • Add 4-pin fan header for CPU fan + EMC2301 PWM controller.
  • The SPI-NAND flash size was increased to 256MB (2Gbit).
  • DDR SPD and RTC moved to I2C3 bus, TPM moved to I2C1. (prevents interference by other I2C1 devices in boot + allows EFI RTC protocol implementation in the future)
  • Added a 'power button' line from the microcontroller to LS1088 which can be used for ACPI-style power button events.
  • The single 'admin' button on the rear panel was replaced with a stacked dual-LED/button combination to better accommodate enclosures without ATX front panel LEDs/buttons.
  • SFP cage was reduced from four LEDs to two LEDs (one for each slot).